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Periodically I clean out the outdated posts from this blog. Below are some of our more recent posts, however, so feel free to continue browsing!

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Do You Need Background Music for Presentation Videos?

I always like to have a good selection of background music for presentation videos, especially when I'm doing slideshow presentations. ...
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WordPress Database Backup – How and Why You Must Do This!

Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way how important it is to have a WordPress database backup. And ...
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Be a City Guide for Your Town and Earn Commissions!

What is a city guide or city promoter? It's a lot of fun, first of all. You get to know ...
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The Duplicate Content Myth

Why is it that so many people seem to think that Google looks down on blogs that have content that ...
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How Do You Know Who to Follow?

There are so many Internet marketers out there today, each with their own products, paid training, free training, mentoring, secrets ...
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The 17-year History of Six Figure Income to Strong Future International

From the desk of SFI's Founder and President, Gery Carson: "As an entrepreneur, there have been very few holidays where ...
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How Do I Start a Blog for Business?

A lot of people just want to know 'how do I start a blog?' But one of the first things ...
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The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Santa Claus

I definitely believe that some people are born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Sometimes it even runs in the family! My ...
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Get Twitter Advertising for Free!

Here's an active and responsive social media marketing strategy where you can get Twitter advertising for free! If you haven't ...
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Do You Need Glasses for Computer Use?

A lot of people who are at their computers all day may need eye glasses for computer use. But when ...
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