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Periodically I clean out the outdated posts from this blog. Below are some of our more recent posts, however, so feel free to continue browsing!

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My Former Transcription Company

A few years ago, I owned my own transcription company, Northern Berks Transcription, based in my home office. I earned ...
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Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

It better be! Google's getting ready to roll out its mobile algorithm in less than a week, so if your ...
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15 Ways to Bring the Feeling of Spring to Your Website

©Terri Seymour Spring is in the air! With it comes a feeling of revival and revitalization. Wouldn’t it be great ...
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How to Use a YouTube Video Embed Code for Autoplay and Stop Related Videos

If you're going to use a YouTube video on your landing pages, you should use a video embed code so ...
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Do Not Compare Yourself to Other Members!

For my fellow SFI members - Have you ever been on the Growth tab and you see other members climbing ...
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15 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO and Reader Response

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO and Reader Response ©Terri Seymour The basic simple act of posting on ...
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Are You Using Cloaking Devices for Your Links?

I was in our forum today and this thread title stuck out: "Are You Cloaked?" Obviously, if you're a Star ...
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What’s Better Than Empower Network?

Is there anything out there that's better than Empower Network? If you listen to a lot of their members, nothing ...
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Small Business Marketing with Article Directories

One of the best, free small business marketing methods is creating written content, like a blog post. And submitting that ...
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Are You Practicing Attraction Marketing or Pushy Marketing?

That is the question. And you're not practicing attraction marketing if you go around thinking your way is the only ...
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The Top 10 Don’ts of Digital Marketing

©Terri Seymour Digital marketing is the method of marketing in which we use various electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, ...
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Build Your Business with a Free Tutorial

Are you giving away free information to build your business? You should be! Here are some tips from Terri on ...
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