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“A boomer with a mission,” Karen S Musselman is a seasoned blogger who helps other baby boomers learn, deploy, and actually enjoy, the technical end of getting online. “Beyond Facebook,” she says, “and beyond Skype, they learn from another Baby Boomer who understands where they are coming from, and where they need to be going.”

“One of Karen’s primary passions is learning more about, and working with, the popular content management system (CMS) known as WordPress. Be sure to get your copy of Karen’s free eBook “FAQ About WordPress: Stop Drowning in WP Confusion.”

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Hi folks! Karen here!

The focus and mission of this blog is to help other Baby Boomers get online and, like me, start a blog!

Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. I was born in 1958, so I am one of those Baby Boomers. We are the fourth generation since World War I, born after World War II.

Our generation even has the longest description of all other generations on Wikipedia: List of Generations beginning with WWI.

Back in the day…

A lot of us Boomers had jobs where we only used certain types of computers, like a computer terminal but not a personal computer with Windows, WordPress, blogging, things like that. And we were limited to where we could go on the Internet during work hours.

Some of us worked in factories all our lives and we really haven’t had much hands-on experience with personal computers. Or we worked all day and when we got home we had so many other things to do that we didn’t even want to look at a computer, let alone learn how to get online.

Ah, Grandkids…

Some of us Baby Boomers have grandchildren who learned a lot about computers at school, so they taught Grandma how to use Skype and Facebook to stay in touch.

The Baby Boomer Generation vs. Later Generations

Some of us know how to do some things online, but not enough to really share our experiences in a way that reaches out to all our family and friends. But when we try to watch a how-to video from someone younger, some of us get intimidated and frustrated because it can go over our heads.

And then there are some people in the younger generation who get frustrated with us because they think everybody should know how to blog and do videos. But what they don’t understand is that we Boomers probably know more than they do about a lot of things; we just haven’t learned how to get it online yet.

My Mission…

And that’s where my blog comes in. My mission here is to help other Baby Boomers learn the technical end of getting online – beyond Facebook and Skype – and learn it from another Baby Boomer who understands where you’re coming from.

I’ve done several Skype consults and created several video tutorials showing how to do things that they didn’t know how to do, and it’s one of my passions.

Why is this Important?

The whole job market has changed since we got our first jobs. Now we have companies downsizing and closing and some of younger Boomers are losing our jobs while those at the upper end of the generation are facing retirement and may not know a lot about computers and the Internet because of the jobs they’ve had for the last couple of decades.

So they’re looking for some way to either make some money to supplement Social Security, replace Social Security or like me, supplement or replace their disability income.

And getting online will help them generate that supplemental income.

Blogging Can Fill In the Gap

Whether you’re looking to fill the gap from a job loss, retirement or down time from traveling, starting a blog can give you an outlet where you can share your experiences and make some money at the same time.

Here are some ways you can use a blog:

1. Travel articles
2. Craft articles
3. Car restoration articles
4. Downsizing your home articles
5. Raising grandchildren
6. Being a grandparent
7. What to do after retirement
8. Getting ready for retirement
9. Back to work at 50+
10. Being an active senior
11. Share opinions on life in general
12. Talk about books you’ve read or written

But Where Do You Start?

Well, that’s where I come in. Learning computers and software has been a passion of mine since I got my first computer back in early 90s. My kids will tell you, it was like pulling teeth trying to get mom off the computer.

I taught myself Windows and Microsoft Office and I took some adult college courses in web design. In the last almost eight years since I’ve been home on disability, it’s been my passion to learn as much as I can about html, css, WordPress, Photoshop and doing videos.

And I want to help you learn what I know so you can share your hobbies, experience and passion online too!

I recently finished up an ebook and video course about WordPress, so I invite you to subscribe to my blog and get this course for free!


P.S. I made a special “More About Me” video to help you get to know me a little better. Just Click Here to watch it!

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