How New Are You To Network Marketing – MLM?

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Are you new to network marketing, also called multilevel marketing or MLM?

Are you worried you won’t be successful because you’re not sure about what you’re doing?

A lot of people who haven’t been successful with MLM, or they know people who have utterly failed with a company, automatically every MLM opportunity is some kind of scam or pyramid scheme.

Actually, one of the biggest “pyramid schemes” is working for someone else as an employee.  You have the owners at the

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Rest in Peace Jazzy

Our little kitty, Jasmine, who was almost 21 years old passed away peacefully in her sleep last week. We brought her home almost 21 years ago when she was only about four weeks old. I miss her dearly…

Emergency Payday Loans for Christmas Shopping

It’s Christmas shopping season again, and not suprisingly, “emergency payday loans” is one of the top 10 trending searches on Yahoo! today.

There are some good reasons for trying to get one of the emergency payday loans being advertised online.

Maybe you want to get your Christmas shopping done early, before you get your Christmas Club or bonus check.

You can apply only for the amount of money you’ll need so your Christmas Club money will pay it all back for you and save you interest.

Maybe you found the perfect gift and it’s only going to be on

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Lead Generation Ideas to Get More Leads

If you want to have a successful and profitable business, then you need some productive lead generation ideas… and lots of them. And when you’re with an online network marketing or affiliate company, the best ideas will be used online.

Remember, nothing happens without a lead. No sales, no revenue, no profits.

Lead Generation Ideas to Get More Leads

Below are five ways to generate MORE leads without spending a bundle. In fact, most of them are free! And – this is not really “techy stuff.”

1. Create a video page. Create a video and post it to YouTube

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How to Create Magnetic Content

What is Magnetic Content?

Magnetic content is perhaps the most important part of making money online. This is because your content can make or break your business. The better it is, the more money you will make.

What is Magnetic Marketing?

Basically, it just means having content that attracts visitors. The content on many sites is simply low quality. If you are just a me-too site, you probably will not attract many people to your site.

How to Create Compelling Content

Idea #1 Look at the content already out there about your topic. Find authority sites, such

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Who Is KSMusselman?

So who is KSMusselman? Well, here are five things you would learn about me if you walked through my house.

#1 I Love Wolves The first thing you would see when you walked into the family room, underneath of the deer heads, that is, which are my husband’s hunting trophies, is that someone in the house loves wolves. That would be me.

I have a huge wolf-head dream catcher, a medium one and a small one; I have a beautiful mirror with two wolves etched into the glass, and two water globes that my kids got me for Christmas, plus

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Steps to Success – Taking Small Steps for More Success!

I read a quote today about taking steps to success and it really hit home today.

“The person determined to achieve maximum success learns the principle that progress is made one step at a time.” -David Joseph Schwartz

This is so true, especially with Internet marketing. I see it all the time because I still have to slow myself down and refocus.

In just about any network marketing or online marketing program today, you’re going to hear way too many ways to market your business.

So you end up sitting there with information overload saying to yourself – do

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Transcription Services – Only on Fiverr!!

It seems to me that transcription services are still needed – actually more today than before as people venture more and more into video marketing, podcasts, Webinars, conference calls, Google+ Hangouts, etc.

So why would anyone want those things to be transcribed? Because search engines don’t crawl video – they crawl TEXT. Video will drive traffic to your blog or website, but you still need text inside of your video description so the search engines can find your videos.

Another way that a good transcriptionist can come in handy, whether it’s a virtual assistant with transcription experience, or a

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How To Use Social Media to Start and Establish Relationships

Not everyone knows exactly how to use social media to build business relationships. So I thought I’d share a technique I’m trying out to see if consistency will make a difference in helping to build my team.

So here’s how to use social media for a few minutes every day: 1. Open the following windows or tabs: Twitter

SFI Stream

Your Facebook FAN Page (optional)

Watch this and other videos on YouTube!

2. Find a motivational quote on Twitter that’s related to success. Some of these

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Learn Something New Every Day - Low Cost Advertising Budget

If you’re looking for a low cost advertising budget, what you might want to do is a do-it-yourself plan, and that could mean making yourself learn something new.

And you don’t have to go back to school or take night classes either. Between Google and YouTube, you can pretty much get your own DIY degree!

I try to learn something new every day myself. It not only helps me in my own business, but I’ve been able to help other people learn things to help in their businesses too.

Watch this and other videos

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