Free Screen Recording Software


I want to talk about the different types of free screen recording software, otherwise known as screencasting software, what it is, what it does, how you can use it, and what people use it for.

I’m sure you’ve seen videos on YouTube and other places online where people are recording what they’re doing on

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Texting Shortcuts


R U Using Them in Your Status Updates?

As business owners, we need to maintain a certain level of professionalism in our written content. And using texting shortcuts in our Facebook posts may not be the best way to present yourself as a professional.

I follow several network marketing professionals online and one

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Sharing Content on IBOToolbox


IBOToolbox’s Press Releases are a fantastic venue for sharing content, whether you’re promoting your business or sharing tips for networking and marketing.

But what’s more important is that your readers share your content across their social media networks too. Why? It increases your exposure because your content will reach a wider audience Press releases

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Free Online Newspapers with


Have you ever wanted to be your own newspaper publisher?

Now you can! Create your own free online newspapers with!

I want to talk about this cool resources that I actually found out about through Twitter. Every once in a while somebody on Twitter would tag me that my content had shown up

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About Me - KSMusselman


Here’s a quick video I put together about me – KSMusselman.

When you’re working a business that’s strictly online, you might not share much about your personal life with your colleagues or team members.

A lot of business owners keep things relatively professional and don’t divulge much about their hobbies or other things they

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Planning for Retirement Does Not Mean You're Giving Up!


I’ve heard it said that if you’re planning for retirement, you’re giving up.

Giving up what?

I’m sure there are a lot of Independent Business owners who started their businesses with the sole intent of saving for retirement and building a legacy for their families, especially if they’re older, closing in on the “traditional”

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SFI's Online Badges – How Many Do You Have?


And What Do They Mean?

One of the cool things about being an SFI member is earning online badges for different things you do in your business.

There are different badge designs for different areas inside of the Affiliate Center and TripleClicks. The more active you are in your business, the more of these

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Twitter for Business – Twitter Tools and Tips


If you’re not using Twitter for business marketing, you may be missing out on a lot of free traffic to your website or blog.

Twitter is a free and easy way to promote your blog and you can get more followers on Twitter by sharing or “retweeting” other members’ updates.

Networking and “What Are

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Business Titles - What's Your Role in Your MLM or Affiliate Business?


I’ve seen this question asked a lot over the years, especially when it comes to designing business cards to hand out to prospects. What business titles should I be using?

When you own your own business, even as an associate of a network marketing company, or if you’re an affiliate of a product, business

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I Want It Now!


A lot of online marketers and network marketers sign up with a business opportunity with the attitude of “I Want It Now!”

In fact, a lot of people drop out of business opportunities when they don’t get their expected results instantly! If they don’t see that $1000 in 24 hours results, they have a

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